Thursday, November 25, 2010

Marsabit County- Tourism Hub

For a region that had largely remained deserted by the central government since independence, the ushering of a new constitution that provides a new system of governance came as a sign of liberation for the residents.

Marsabit County that brings together 4 constituencies in Kenya Northern frontier are can now breathe a sign of relief that at last the power to decide how resources will be distributed now lays in the hands of the residents.

Even before it became a country, the larger Marsabit district was one of the biggest districts with the size of central and western provinces combined.

Once made up of North Horr, Saku and Laisamis constituencies, the Marsabit County will now include the Moyale constituency. This home to the nomadic community that has faced challenges with questionable help from the central government.

Water being the salvation for any life is a rare commodity and only found on shallow wells. Now with the county edition, the residents will be able to hold their leaders accountable.

Insecurity has also been a major source of fear and the most horrific being the 2005 Turbi massacre where hundreds were killed. The incident which took place in July 12that saw thousands of people mostly from the Gabra clan killed by Borana tribesmen.

It has been referred to as one of the deadliest instance of ethnic violence in Kenya. the people killed were buried in mass graves in Turbi desert.

The infrastructure also comes as a major challenge for the one who would have the responsibility to run the county. The road which has taken decades to be built only reaches a few kilometers after Isiolo.

The closest that the tarmarcked road reaches is the town called Merille 150km away from Marsabit country and clearly poses a challenge to the person who will be incharge.

Good health care in Marsabit and its far flang areas of Kargi, Korr, Turbi among others is a pipe dream for many, with no hospitals and lack of facilities, health care poses as a challenge.

The Marsabit county despite being a deserted region in Kenya has a lot to offer in terms of untapped tourist destination. Marsabit is home to one of true desert in Kenya, a scenic picture despite its bareness lies the Chalbi Desert. The desert is located east of Lake Turkana, the largest permanent lake in the world.

This barren vastness stretches 100km from east to west is also a possible Oil area. While here we meet international oil explorers who have flocked the area hoping to smack the black gold.

“We have been here for the last month, we have visited several areas and although so far there is nothing but we are still here for sometime hoping we would get something” says Pian chinc from African Oils a company that has been commissioned for the work.

A ride towards Loyangalani town on the shores of Lake Turkana is a spectacle, lake in a desert is itself amazing but this one with its dramatic scenery even more so.
Foreign tourists flock the area and at the far end enjoying themselves.

The arid beauty of the giant Lake Turkana spreading out in the desert landscape will impress you.

Loiyangalani, Now a cosmopolitan community of Rendille, Samburu, El Molo, and growing numbers of Turkana all depending on fish from the Lake.

The Lake could support a lucrative fishing industry.

At the far end of the town where there is Elmolo bay desert museum stands, behind the lone structure is the vast Lake Turkana stretching more than 150 km, Less than 30 kilometers east of Loiyangalani is Mount Kulal.Kulal is one of three International Biosphere Reserves in Kenya.

The location is always windy but from time to time, sudden wind whip down from Kulal to the lake turning its placid waters into a tempest in minutes. The track passes Loiyangalani and leads to the headquarters of Kenya's most remote National Park, Sibiloi, at AIia Bay.

Recently the area has become a home to Kenya’s second wind power generator after Gitson Energy secured financing from the US.
The new constitution has aroused interest among some individuals who want to be in charge of the country that is a multibillion livestock industry.
Potential candidates who have shown their interest in the county seat are Jarso Jillo Falana Marsabit Women Advocacy and Development Organisation Programme Coordinator, Nuria Agollo, Molo Adika who works for Arid area in Moyale and Alice Kureya a Development Officer for an International NGO who will be expected to transform the county.

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