Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Somalia 50 years on

Even as Somalia celebrates its 50th independent day on July 1st, there is very little or nothing to celebrate. Somalia remains a dangerous place to live even for the Somali residents.

According to analyst the troubled nation can feel peace when the locals realize the need to sit on themselves and that their problems of can never be solved by the international community.

For many Somalis, they are witnessing the 50th anniversary for the country that collapsed 20 years ago and 14 failed attempts to have a stable government. This day is celebrated in their houses with saddened faces and anguish of what they once called home.

For the last 50 years the country showcases the failure of state, a country ruled by guns between unified people and divided country and the future portrays hopelessness.

Somalia is a showcase of the failure of post-colonial state in Africa; the state imposed from top against the culture and social norms of the people, and the state and elites that do not belong to the aspiration of their people. Somalia can also show the resilience and audacity of the traditional African society and their social networks and its survivability.

The instability in Somalia was caused with a lot of issues including lack of freedom, divided opposition and the Ethiopia factor which has led to the open space of Somalia became attractive to terrorist groups after 9/11 and wrong policies and approaches deteriorated the situation.

Although for the short term period the picture for peace in Somali is depressing a lot can still be done in Somalia and it all comes back to the people who have to sit down and deal with the issues that divide them.

The UN backed government is threatened and this is clearing the way for the extremist Al Shaabab who have controlled the majority of the Southern Somalia. According to analysts the only way out for Somalia is having a government that people have accepted and agreed on by them.

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