Tuesday, May 25, 2010

THE US has asked Kenya to expand the Daadab refugee camp to ease congestion in one of the largest refugee camp in the world.

Reuben Brigety, the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for the Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration said the US has been in talks with the" Kenyan government to expand the camp and increase screening services for refugees.

Brigety raised concerns over recruitment of young refugees by Somalia's al Shabaab militants and urged the Kenyan' government to protect refugees from these insurgents. "We are aware of the threats that refugees face and we are reaffirming that they must remain neutral," he said.

Brigety also said Kenya has the right to close its borders if there are security concerns but it needs' to adhere to the international law on refugees.

"Kenya closed its borders with Somalia in 2007 but more Somalis continue to pour into the country to escape fighting in their country.

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